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QIPSTA gives wings to local trade.

With QIPSTA, products and services from your city come to your home. Simply order via app. Delivered the same day.

QIPSTA makes life easier without you having to have a guilty conscience. Because QIPSTA delivers products and services from your region.

Delivered in an environmentally friendly way. Fairly priced. One app for everything.

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The app for your city

With QIPSTA, you can conveniently order from shops in your city and have it delivered the same day. Or you can buy in-store and have your shopping delivered to your home.

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We are the good ones

For us, it’s not the minutes that count, but rather a win-win for all sides. QIPSTA bundles and optimizes routes. Not only is this good for the environment, it’s also good for our drivers and riders.

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The new retail

Retail is evolving. Online and offline are merging. We support your business in the transformation – with additional leads and same-day delivery.

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Sustainability is part of our DNA

QIPSTA contributes to more sustainability in cities. Our vehicle fleet and our optimized routes contribute to a reduction in CO2 pollution. We bundle deliveries and thus avoid many individual trips. In addition, 1% of our sales go to regional urban gardening projects.

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