Natural. Sustainable. Effective

We love the environment, and not only do we not want to pollute it with our products, we also want to make it better in perspective. For us, sustainability is a matter of the heart!

We want to help you with this and have paid attention to sustainability and the highest quality of raw materials in all areas of our products. We are not completely plastic-free, but have reduced plastic as much as possible and are also consciously sustainable in other parts of our value chain. Of course, our skincare is animal-free – we promise you that no one in the entire world tests our products on animals on our behalf.

Last but not least, we consider ourselves vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, but that doesn’t mean we completely avoid animal products. We use wonderful organic beeswax out of conviction and love for bees. We dream of having our own beehive soon.

We alone will not change the world, but together with you we will make it a little bit better. Not only are we happy about it, but so are our children and grandchildren.

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